Back at Sea

After two weeks in Chicago rehearsing our new shows, I’m finally back to Running on Water. We’ve joined our new ship, and after a whirlwind week of more rehearsal, installing new technical cues (and finding our way around a new, bigger ship) we’ve finally opened all our shows. We’ve had a great time putting these shows up, but it’s something that always takes my focus away from, well, everything else in my life. (I’m pretty sure I’ve paid all my bills this month…)

I managed to get a couple of runs in while we were in Chicago, which were amazing, but weather and fatigue and then finally illness kept me from doing more than that.


We passed a virus around a few people in the cast, and the three of us paid a visit the friendly nurse at Walgreens. The others, who were a couple of days ahead of me in the life of the illness, got antibiotics for ear infections.

I got a “Good luck, that’ll be $107, please”.

My cast-mates got better, I got worse. My tonsils swelled up and made swallowing (and talking, and singing) tricky. My ear got blocked up during the flight from Chicago to New York and felt like it was going to burst. My hearing in that ear got progressively worse as the week went on and it got more blocked.

I wanted to throttle that Walgreens nurse.

My first week on the ship consisted of me going to rehearsals, chugging Robitussen, downing DayQuil and NyQuil and staring at the ceiling of my cabin. Its a very nice cabin, but it’s not as fun as cocktails with your cast after opening a show.
I visited the gym… like, “Hello, gym. Someday when I’m not coughing because my lungs involuntarily spasm, I’ll come hang out”.

Boo-hoo, right? Poor me.

When we stopped in Nassau, Bahamas on Thursday, Greg and I made our way off the ship for a couple of hours to get some lunch and I stopped in at a Pharmacy. I asked if a prescription was needed for antibiotics and was told, “usually, but you can talk to the pharmacist”.

Um, ok.

I was waved up a steep, dark staircase and was greeted by a lady behind a half-door.
Wheezing, I told her I needed antibiotics.

“My tonsils are swollen, I can’t hear out of this ear, I’m coughing a lot”.
“Why do you need antibiotics”.
“Um, to get rid of the infection”.
“How do you know there’s an infection?”
“Um. Swollen tonsils, blocked ear, coughing… this happens to me occasionally”.
“So this has happened before – what do you need?”
“I’ve had Cipro for it before, but I don’t think I need anything that strong… Amoxicillin?”
“Ok, I’ll send it down”.

I carefully made my way back down the staircase and moments later on a little manual elevator my amoxicillin came down from the pharmacist’s lair like a gift from heaven borne on a cloud guided by winged cherubs.

$18 later, I had hope for the future.

Once this cough goes away, I’ll be back to running. Meanwhile, I’m trying to plan out my Fall/Winter race schedule. We finish on this ship at the end of July, so I can’t commit to anything before that.

I’ve entered the lottery for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon, if that doesn’t come through, I’m looking at the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon (no travel). In anticipation of one of those marathons, I made use of a special offer from McMillan Training that I got in my email for a bonus 4 weeks on a purchase of a training plan. It worked so well for me heading into the Princess Half Marathon, I will use his training again to get me to a sub 6 hour marathon. I’ve got a grudge match with the marathon distance.

Then I’ve got Space Coast Half Marathon at the beginning of December – I’ll be working towards another PR there.

After that, I’m considering one more Goofy Challenge. You know, for fun.

That is, assuming I’m not on a ship again by then… See how this gets tricky?

How do you plan your fall race schedule?

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