Friday Review: My Fit Foods

I mean, we’re leaving Chicago so early on Sunday that it’s practically Saturday, and while we’ve had some fun and seen some friends, it’s never, ever enough.

This two-week rehearsal period, while rewarding, has left many of us with a “viral cold” (according the the Walgreens Walk In Clinic Nurse that we’ve all seen) that has been passed around the cast. I seem to be a couple days behind the latest victim so I have seen my future, and it’s not pretty.

Of course this means I’ve not been running, but I’ve been trying hard to eat carefully while we’ve been in town. What has made it incredibly easy has been a little something called My Fit Foods.

A Stack of Convenience
A Stack of Convenience

Since we’re staying in a nice corporate housing apartment, we have access to a small kitchen, but frankly, who wants to buy a ton of ingredients and seasonings that you won’t use up? Instead we walked over to My Fit Foods and bought little boxed meals which were a breeze to heat up in mere minutes.

They have an appetizing selection of Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner items, as well as snacks and beverages, all of which are carefully portioned into small, medium and large sizes, all of which provide detailed caloric and nutritional information. It’s very easy to compile a day’s worth of meals and snacks within a specific goal, but if you need help figuring out how to put it all together, they have a helpful and enthusiastic staff on hand.

We generally stuck with the meals, since the snacks seemed over-priced for what they contained. Instead, I bought some fruit and some almond butter from Trader Joe’s.

My favourite breakfast was the Chicken and Asiago Sausage (Roasted smoked-paprika fingerlings, charred peppers and onions, organic baby kale and 4-1 hen eggs), my favourite lunch was Gimmie More Chicken Wrap (Tarragon chicken salad with pecans, dried cranberries, Greek yogurt, and mayonnaise, romaine lettuce in a spinach tortilla with Fuji apples and oranges), and my favourite dinner was a toss-up between Fit Nugget Nation (All natural chicken nuggets coated almond and flaxseed with cauliflower hominy smash and broccolini, served with all natural honey mustard sauce.) and Ninja Tenderloin (Roasted all natural beef tenderloin on a bed of wilted spinach, sauteed mushrooms, carrots and onions).

Since they’re a Texas-born company, a lot of their food leans towards Tex-Mex, and frequently contains a lot more cilantro than I’m comfortable with, but it’s easy enough to avoid with the choices they have available.

A nice side effect of all this convenience is that we’ve both lost weight while we’ve been in Chicago… Nice trick, considering last time I was here I gained a few pounds thanks to Al’s Italian Beef and some Lou Malnati’s Pizza. Oh, and beer.

If they had a location in Toronto, I would happily use them again and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend My Fit Foods to friends. The meals aren’t necessarily ‘inexpensive’, but I also don’t find them to be overpriced for the fresh, healthy, carefully made foods that they are. By eating mostly these meals, I didn’t feel badly about the occasional indulgence (I mean, as if I’m NOT going to have an Italian Beef sandwich).

I’m so glad we stopped in on a whim to try the meals they had to offer, and I’m so happy with the results we’ve seen after 2 short weeks. Seeing how they constructed their (mostly gluten free) meals, taking glycemic index into consideration… it opened my eyes to different ways of balancing meals.

Have you ever used a meal-prep service, or purchased pre-prepared meals?

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