Running for Fun

People do it, you know.

Run, for fun.

I know, I know. Sounds unlikely and perverse, but it’s true. I wouldn’t yet classify myself as one of those people, but today I did something I’ve never done before.

I finished my first day of rehearsals here in Chicago (Did I mention I travelled to Chicago yesterday to begin rehearsals for our next ship contract? Well, I did) and after wolfing down the last of my leftover lunch – a half eaten Burrito Bowl from Chipotle – I knew I had to do something drastic.

I had tweeted this out when I got up this morning:

Well. It turns out I worked later than four, but that didn’t change the overall sentiment. This was the first truly above freezing weather we’d see, and I’d be a bone fide idiot to not take advantage of it. So as I sat on the couch wavering between heeding the voice that said “come on, you’re tired” and the voice that said “this is the nicest day you’ve seen in months”, I realized I was pulling off my street shoes and ‘regular person socks’.

Before I knew it, I had placed my Garmin on a windowsill to adjust to the Chicago satellites.

Suddenly I looked up, and I was outside. And it was glorious.



It was a run which, ordinarily, I would bemoan. My legs felt heavy, my breathing was beyond laboured. I was a hot mess.


But none of it mattered. There were no stakes to this run. I wasn’t doing it to train for anything in particular. I just followed my feet and the many, many local runners towards the lake and let the run happen to me.


I love Chicago. So much. The company I work for is warm and welcoming, the people here are friendly in a way that makes you wonder if maybe they know something you don’t, and the landscape is rich and rewarding at every turn.

Yup, this was as close as I’ve ever come to running ‘just for fun’, and I’m glad I got out there.

Is running ‘fun’ for you, or do you have a love/hate relationship with it?