Corrals are posted for @runDisney Princess Half Marathon Weekend

**Sorry for the double post, friends. I had some gremlins pulling apart wires and futzing with my codes. Serves me right for feeding them after midnight. I think this should work now.**

That’s right, runDisney fans! If you’re running in the Glass Slipper Challenge, or the Princess Half marathon next month (can only say “next month” for one more day – yikes!) then behold!

So many corrals!

Curiously and tantalizingly, the waivers have not yet been officially released on the runDisney website. I’m sure they’ll follow shortly. I don’t remember ever getting the corral information before the waivers in past races. runDisney, you so wacky!

Today they’ve also seen fit to release the maps for the races – the courses look eerily familiar to some races I ran a few weeks ago…

Routes for the 5K and 10K

I Mean, step-for-step similar…

Half Marathon Route

Hey, familiar is good. At least I won’t get lost!

So my guess is that with this many corrals, and my submitted time, I’ll be a few corrals behind the Clif pace team that’ll be running my goal, so I’m going to have to dig deep and figure it out myself.

To be honest, I couldn’t be more excited by that prospect.

Are you running the Princess Half or the Glass Slipper Challenge next month?