A Very Merry Christmas, and a New Race on my Schedule

Oh, Christmas Tree...
Oh, Christmas Tree…

We had a very Merry Christmas here at I Run on Water headquarters.

It started with a surprise from Mother Nature. Toronto’s had a dramatic ice storm over the weekend, the kind that brings down massive trees and knocks out power. We were fortunate enough to live in an area which never lost it’s power, which was lucky because I had to use hot water from our Keurig to melt enough ice around our car door to get it open.


The car looked pretty, coated in a quarter inch of ice (which says a lot because it’s a very old Dodge Neon) but it had to go so that we could get out to feed the rabbits we are bunny-sitting and get our remaining groceries for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

To say that I’ve spent a month’s worth of our grocery budget in the last 3 days would not be very much of an exaggeration. The good news is that it is evidenced by the fridge being so full that I offered my sister a THOUSAND DOLLARS if she could find more room to put food when she threatened to make cookies. She put away some leftovers and said I owed her a THOUSAND DOLLARS. Joke’s on her, I don’t have a THOUSAND DOLLARS.

In lieu of payment, I made her an Egg Nog Latte with our awesome Rancilio Silvia.

Fooled her, I wanted one anyway!
Fooled her, I wanted one anyway!

Did I mention we have a LOT of food? Fortunately we have Greg’s family coming over for Christmas 2: Electric Boogaloo (AKA Boxing Day). Finally, I will be able to the one insisting that they eat and take food with them… Please! My fridge is groaning! (What is it about the holidays that makes us shop like we’re doomsday preppers)?

Christmas was a quiet day at home, cooking, eating and opening gifts. Everyone got a running gift this year. UnderArmor ColdGear Infrared Running Tights for me, to battle the cold (see: Ice Storm, above), YurBuds earbuds for Greg and a Runner’s World Running Journal for Rachael.

Then there’s THIS:

Look out, Glass Slipper Challenge!
Look out, Glass Slipper Challenge!

That’s right. I’ll be heading back to Florida for a THIRD month in a row, taking the Glass Slipper Challenge at Walt Disney World – those annual passes we bought are getting a workout!

Merry Christmas, indeed.

Are you running in the Princess Half Marathon Weekend?