Why Treadmills ROCK

Are you one of those people who hate running on a treadmill? Do you call it the “Dreadmill”? Would you rather cut off your own feet than be placed on that belt of doom?

Trust me, I get it. Sure, The Beast may (or may not) have a TV on it to distract you from the monotony but maybe you just can’t shake the feeling that you’re as powerless as a hamster on a wheel.

photo credit: sualk61 via photopin cc
photo credit: sualk61 via photopin cc

It can be argued, however, that the treadmill, whether at home or at the gym, can be your closest ally in your training.

Here now are six reasons treadmills ROCK.

They’re close to the bathroom

Never underestimate the importance of this fact. Whether nature calls, you need a refill on your water bottle, or just a chance to splash cold water on your face, treadmills, like real estate are all about location, location, location.

They’ll hold your junk

Take that how you will, but what I’m talking about is all your various running accoutrement . Your water bottle, your gel, your towel, your iPad, your keys – there’s room for all of it on your treadmill. (Bonus: it doubles as a laundry hanger if you’ve got one at home). Just do me a favor. If you’re going to run with your iPhone, put it in an armband or a pocket. I’ve seen too many iPhones tumble off the shelf, fall on the belt and be propelled through space. Don’t be that gal. Your iPhone doesn’t deserve that.

treadmill stuff
photo credit: lu_lu via photopin cc

They keep you honest

Here’s the thing. You get tired. Machines don’t. That’s the whole premise of the Terminator movies, but also a fact that works in your favor when you’re training. When it’s a choice between keeping up a ten minute mile on tired legs, or falling off the back of your treadmill like every contestant on the Biggest Loser, you’re probably going to keep those legs pumping. Probably.

photo credit: eccampbell via photopin cc
photo credit: eccampbell via photopin cc

You’re in control

It doesn’t rain in the gym. Or snow. Or reach 100 degree temperatures. There are no hills, but there CAN be hills. A treadmill is every Type A person’s dream. I mean, if only we could program people to be this co-operative.

photo credit: loonyhiker via photopin <a
photo credit: loonyhiker via photopin <a

They’re distraction-free

Boring? No – focussed. With no scenery, no kids flying kites, no other people running past or towards you, no bikes to dodge, no Starbucks to stop for an iced coffee. Just that spot on the wall in front of you. Or your reflection. Who’s that bad-ass runner glistening with sweat, grinding it out with a look of sheer determination in her eyes? Oh yeah, that’s you. I think we could all do with a little less distraction and a little more attention to just ourselves. We are pretty bad-ass, after all.

They’re safe

A sad, but important fact, especially as the days are getting shorter. You’re not going to get hit by a car on your treadmill. Or mugged. (Unless you’ve got your treadmill set up in a bit of a shady part of your house).

What’s your favorite treadmill tip?