When You Wish Upon Une Étoile… a @runDisney Fairy Tale

Once upon a time at runDisney’s Tower of Terror Ten Miler, industrious and excited runners noticed something amiss in their programmes.

There, among the listings of upcoming runDisney events, was a missing race. Or rather, there it wasn’t.  The expected “Expedition Everest”, historically run in May, had vanished!

Was it the work of one of the many Disney Villains? Had Cruella de Ville absconded with the race? Had Scar scarfed down the details?

Or, is there more to this story?

A quick glance at the Walt Disney Parks & Resorts career page tells an interesting tale, most specifically this bit here (emphasis, mine):

The Sports Public Relations Manager will manage public relations campaigns for our global runDisney series (WDW, DLR and DLP) as well as oversee our expanding sports social media strategies for Disney World and Disneyland by creating and executing PR and social media initiatives that align with the goals and objectives of our sports business. The position will also manage the day-to-day assignments of our sports PR agency and manage our sports-related engagement with bloggers, particularly mom bloggers.

Global runDisney series? DLP? That’s Disneyland, Paris, friends.

And a missing race in May? I don’t know about you, but I nerd out every 4th of May with a hearty “May the Forth be With You” to all my friends and I know that runDisney fans everywhere have been hoping for a Star Wars themed race.

Even Stormtroopers Run on Water!
Even Stormtroopers Run on Water!

Could this be the race this Star Wars loving Francophile has been waiting for her entire running life? I’ve always known that “someday my race will come”, but this… this is just too much to hope for.

Clap your hands, believers. Clap like you’ve never clapped before.

photo credit: Kalexanderson via photopin cc