Do You

You know those perky people who just love, love, love to run? (I wasn’t supposed to run today, but it was so beautiful outside I just cranked out a quick 12 miles.) Who get cranky when they can’t run for whatever reason? (I missed my run today, my husband is going to have to put up with a real bear tonight!) This last month made me understand those people a little bit better. I used to think they were show-offs and kooks. Now I just think they’re show-offs – but only because they can’t shut up about it.

We get it. You RUN. Jeez.

I kid. I really am starting to understand.

I’m learning that runners are a particular breed of obsessive focussed. (Who else keeps journals about their shoes? It sounds like a bad Sex and the City episode idea. Or a good Sex and the City movie idea! Hollywood, call me!) But really, sometimes its a good idea to be totally and completely absorbed in yourself. I know a lot of women tend to put themselves second (or third, or fourth, or eightieth…) in their lives. Sometimes its poor time management, sometimes its low self esteem, sometimes its martyrdom. Sometimes they just don’t realize they’re doing it until they’re burnt out and find themselves eating popcorn for dinner because they worked late and only had that and an expired Yoplait in the fridge. (By the way, I am strongly in favor of popcorn for dinner on occasion.)

So, being a little self centered can be healthy. Sure, people’s eyes may glaze over when you describe why you’ve got an old water bottle icing up in the freezer at work, (But really, why not roll out your PF under your desk while you’re at work? Heck, do those weird toe-towel grabbing exercises there while you’re at it) or they may answer a non-ringing phone at their desk when you approach them with a sponsor form for your next fundraising race,  they may even roll their eyes when you go for a nooner-run instead of hitting Chili’s with them (Go with them next time – you’ll be carbing up for a race, anyway!). But at the end of the day, you only have to answer to yourself.

You’re strengthening your legs, your heart, your lungs, your sanity and your YOU.

Besides, you never know who you may be inspiring.


photo credit: Celestine Chua via photopin cc