Back in the Saddle

Strike up the band, cue the fireworks, and pop the bubbly!

Why so excited?

Get ready.


And better yet…


It was a short, easy run, just to feel things out. Short warm-up, intervals of two minutes running, one minute walking which gradually increased in speed from 5.0 to 6.0 on the treadmill. While I was running there was absolutely no pain. None. I iced and rolled afterwards anyway, but I felt great.

A few hours later, there was a slight tenderness on one side of my heel. More ice. More rolling. Pretty solid.

More pain later in the day, but easily combatted with Ibuprofen and rest. Next morning, no pain when I took my first step of the day.

I’m thrilled. Cautious, but thrilled.

It’s been almost a month since my last run (September 9) and when I stepped off the treadmill that day my heel hurt so badly it was throbbing, so this is a real victory. It gives me hope that I’ll be ready for the Niagara Falls Half Marathon in 3 weeks, although I’m going to re-examine my 2:45 time goal.

I’m thankful. Yesterday as we were sailing away from California, heading to Mexico, I was out walking on the deck for a while (truthfully, I was mostly just trying to suck up the last little bit of US phone service – we’ll be 2 weeks without) and I felt something.

Maybe because it was actually warm outside, because we were heading south or because I’d just seen more sun that day than I had for the last few weeks we’d been in Alaska. The ocean was a cheerful, warm-weather blue rather than the moody dark blue-green of the colder, northern waters.

Doesn't this view just make your heart soar?
Doesn’t this view just make your heart soar?

It felt like change.

I found myself smiling.

I wanted to run. Like, I physically wanted to run in that moment. It was an urge, a tugging on my legs.

Of course, I didn’t – no running on Deck 7 – but still.

The next day, I woke up early and I ran.

And I’m not in pain.