Product Review: Ultima Replenisher

On a recent jaunt to a Whole Foods in Seattle, in between grinding almonds for fresh almond butter and loading up on bags of their low fat, low sodium 360 Brand popcorn, I happened across a juice dispenser gurgling away happily. I noticed the accompanying display for Ultima Replenisher (lemonade flavor) and thought “what the heck, it’s here, I’m thirsty”. And you know what? It was pretty good!

I looked closer, as I am wont to do when I am faced with a new nutritional product, and was immediately interested.

Nutritional Facts source:

Zero sugar, zero artificial, gluten free, vegan and 100% non-GMO ingredients. All good stuff. They were being sold in single packets at less than a dollar a shot, so we grabbed one of each flavor to try out on our upcoming long runs.

One of each flavor – Raspberry, Lemonade, Grape and Orange.

I’m a sucker for raspberry drinks and Greg liked the idea of orange, so that’s what we each put in one of our 10 oz. FuelBelt bottles for our next long run. Did I notice any extra pep in my step as a result of the surge of sugar free electrolytes? Not specifically, but I was grateful to have it considering my face gets coated in salt every time I run. I didn’t cramp up on our super uphill trek. Plus, and most importantly, I LOVED the flavor of the raspberry. It felt like a treat every time I went to it (alternating between sipping water and Ultima). Greg’s orange flavor was pretty good, too. He thought it tasted like the orange “juice” you’d get at a McDonald’s birthday party, in those big yellow coolers. I thought it tasted a bit more like dissolved baby aspirin. And I mean that in the best possible way.

The downside, after this run, was that we noticed that there was significant orange staining in Greg’s water bottle as a result of the orange drink it had contained. Not the end of the world, but not awesome.

We trotted out the other flavors on our next long run. Greg had grape and I had trusty lemonade. Again, we really enjoyed the flavor of our respective drinks. They were a nice pick me up of flavor as we went along and my stomach was happy as can be (I was using my ENERGYbits for fuel, which never upset my stomach, either).

Greg liked both of his flavors, and felt that orange had a bit of an edge, taste-wise over grape, but wasn’t thrilled with the staining of his bottle. I, on the other hand, could drink that raspberry flavor all day long, followed by grape and lemonade on equal footing. I’m not super into baby aspirin.

We also have been nuun users, but found that we kind of preferred the Ultima Replenisher in this case because the flavor was so much more pronounced, and to my taste, it tasted more ‘real’, if that makes sense. There’s something about the fizzy tablets that leaves a flavor imprint, in my opinion.


In the end, I’d be happy to use Ultima Replenisher again! You can go to their website to order – sorry Canadian readers, they don’t ship to the Great White North but their website does list several stores which carry Ultima Replenisher. For that matter, US folks can do the same!

And if you’ve got a SodaStream – check out this sweet recipe on their blog! My life makes sense again!

Disclaimer: I discovered and purchased this product on my own, with no contact from Ultima Replenisher. All my opinions are my own.