Looking Forward to Niagara

It’s a rainy day in Juneau. My Plantar Fasciitis is acting up. I just had chocolate cake.

I need a pick-me-up. A ‘boost’, as it were. Something to look forward to. So, naturally my thoughts turn to upcoming races! I decided to noodle around in the Niagara Falls International Marathon Weekend’s website, and I’m glad I did, because I came across this:

International Breakfast Run

Saturday, October 26th – 8:30am Sharp

Run – Assemble outside Oakes Garden Theatre
Breakfast – Planet Hollywood

Cost: FREE

Distance: 5K

This free fun run is a great way to meet your fellow runners and get ready for Sunday’s race. Bring the flag of your country, state or province to represent where you have come from. John Stanton will be attending and running the Breakfast Run alongside Captain Canada!

Source: http://niagarafallsmarathon.com/programs-events/running-room-international-breakfast-run/

A free 5K run with FREE breakfast? Plus access to the very, very famous Captain Canada? (Ok, I have no idea what that means, either, and judging by the photo of the dude in his pyjamas, I’m not sure he’s actually a Captain of any kind, but John Stanton’s got my attention.)

Well, this is the kind of thing that might get a girl to make the trip to Niagara Falls a little earlier than expected. Looks like I might be revisiting Hotwire, after all since I had no luck booking an affiliated hotel.

I’ve been looking forward to this trip more and more as I’ve been training, especially after all the UP-hill running I’ve been doing. I’d like to think I’m putting lots of speed in the bank which I will be cashing out rather gleefully on the 2 mile downhill runout to the finish line. I have visions of myself barely keeping up with my own feet, grinning foolishly as the wind created by my velocity dries my wet, sweaty hair. (gross enough for you?)

Source: http://niagarafallsmarathon.com/race-options/half/
Source: http://niagarafallsmarathon.com/race-options/half/

I’m also looking forward to the Pasta Party – I love a good carby meal, and despite the fact that we ended up with a 4 pm (aka “Old Lady Blue Plate Special”) time slot, we’re going to make it work. Why 4 pm? Not sure. I can only assume there was a glitch in the registration. I never had an option to choose one of the 3 time slots when I booked, assumed I would be contacted for my choice, then when I emailed the organizers, that’s all that was left. Joke’s on them. I’m going to eat ALL the pasta. The FRESHEST pasta! Good luck, later time slots!

My next Marathon training run will be 13 miles next week and it just goes up from there. Who knew that a half marathon would become a ‘step-back’ week?

Now, for this darn PF to lighten up… And the rain… why did I eat that cake?

How do you keep your chin up on those gloomy days?