How Was YOUR August?

If you recall, I set some goals for myself in August.

To refresh, it was:

1. To follow my training plan

2. To cleanse

3. To track my calories on

So how did it go? Well, here’s the before shot of my calendar:

So fresh, so clean.

And here is the ‘after’:

Mission: Accomplished!

So, how did I do on my goals, specifically?

1. I followed my Dopey training plan really well. I missed 2 short conditioning runs and some P90X workouts in favor of rest when I was sick. I have found when I’m on a ship, I have a tendency to get run down fairly easily, so to nip it in the bud and avoid longer, more serious trouble, I just hit the sack and sleep as much as possible. Seems to work pretty well. We also worked 9 holes of golf and a couple of hikes into the mix!

When it comes to Goal Number One – I’d say it was a success!

2. The Cleanse. As I wrote in a previous post, I managed to get through 11 of the 14 days before I had to stop taking the supplements. I continued to eat clean all the way through to the end, though. I’ve made a conscious decision to cut back on my caffeine as a result of the cleanse, so I’ve been mostly drinking decaf coffee, or half-caff, and relying instead on my ENERGYbits for a natural boost.

When it comes to Goal Number Two – Another success!

3. Tracking. Ugh. It’s kind of a drag. I’ve been really inconsistent with this one, partially because we can only eat buffet and restaurant food, it’s frustrating to try and figure it out. Excuse-town, I know. I think I’m also still hiding behind “If I don’t track it, it doesn’t count” mentality. I can do better here. I had a Weight Watchers leader back home in Toronto who said that even if we tracked ‘only’ 4 out of the 7 days of the week, we could still expect to see success, so not to beat ourselves up over imperfect tracking. I liked that leader.

When it comes to Goal Number Two – Needs improvement.

So what happens this September? What are my goals for this new month?

1. TRACKING. Obviously. I shouldn’t expect to be perfect, but I should try to be better than I have been. If you’re on MyFitnessPal, join me. My username is Bubersa.

2. Training. Keep up my Dopey/Space Coast Marathon training. Also, since I’m going to run a 5K in October, I want to work on my speed. I’d like to get a nice time on that race.

3. Less Sugar. Ugh. I hated even typing that. Especially since we just bought some nice organic chocolate treats from Whole Foods. But that said, I can certainly do with LESS sugar in my life. Especially since I want to weigh less while I continue to train for these Marathons. The less of me there is to drag across finish lines, the better. I know that trying to lose weight while marathon training can be counter-productive, but I feel like cutting sugar is a good way to let my body know I mean business. Let’s just say, if I were to drop 5 pounds this month, it wouldn’t hurt my feelings. Oh, what the heck…

4. Lose 5 pounds. If I’m doing 1, 2 and 3, then 4 should just happen. Right?

So what are your goals for September? How are you going to keep yourself on track and accountable?

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