Wagons and Forward Motion


We jump on them.

We fall off them.

Regardless of whether we’re on or off, however, they are always moving forward.

Be the Wagon.

Be the Wagon.

I’ve been doing some thinking this week about limitations thanks to one of the questions asked in #RunChat this week.

My initial answer was, egotistical, but realistic.

I inspire myself. Mostly because I’ve always thought so little of my athleticism.

“I could never…”

Those three words of self-imposed limitation blew open when I ran my first half marathon. Because, I could never do that. Then, when I realized it wasn’t a one time deal… that I was actually comfortable pushing my ever-so-slowly firming-up frame across finish line after finish line… that I liked it… (although some of that bad-weather training can go straight to hell for all I care). Well. Revelation.

I watched Greg run the Walt Disney World Marathon last year. I was in awe of his ability to just keep going, despite the heat. I was… jealous is the wrong word, but I wondered what it would be like to have that feeling. The feeling he was obviously having when he choked up telling me about the race, about how he felt physically. He was wiped but clearly proud, happy and a little delirious. He had just run 39.3 miles in 2 days with a terrible chest cold. Still. I had no desire to try it for myself, even then.

I could never…

As recently as April 9th of this year (when registration opened up for Walt Disney World Marathon weekend)  I was still “I could never-ing”. I thought I’d take it easy. I signed up for “just” the Inaugural Minnie Mouse 10K. Maybe I’d add the Half Marathon in later, but 10K sounded like a reasonable distance – enough to be part of the festivities, but not so much that I’d have to kill myself training again this year. Greg was doing the 10K, Rachael was doing the 10K AND the Marathon – she was seduced by the route Greg got to run last Marathon Weekend. Wait – my sister, who I introduced to running was going to run the marathon?

Then, suddenly, Greg was signed up for the Dopey (5K, 10K, 1/2 and Full Marathons). I thought I’d run the Half with him so he didn’t have to run it alone. Just as suddenly, the Half Marathon sold out. The only way I could run it with Greg was via the Goofy.

So in a move that I swear made sense at the time, I booked the Goofy.

“I could never” turned into “I’ll run one marathon, albeit proceeded by a Half Marathon and a 10K”. Which then promptly turned into running two marathons just over a month apart when Rachael talked us into the Space Coast Marathon in December.

So here I am, drawing that boundary – that limitation – farther and farther out from myself. I would say it’s baby steps, but at 26.2 miles… well, that’s a pretty damn big baby.

I could never.

I will.

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