We’re THOSE people

You know the ones.

“Oh, those home made cookies look delicious, but I couldn’t possibly. No sugar, no caffeine for me“.

“Aw man, wasn’t that an awesome show? Let’s all go out for a… water”.

“I’ll have the special, but can you replace everything fun and tasty with sprouts and tears”?

We’re the dreaded. We are the annoying. We are the Cleansers.

We’re 4 days into our 14 day cleanse kit from Trader Joe’s – as I mentioned in my last post – and as always, it’s a challenge.

We’re avoiding sugar, caffeine, alcohol, red meat, simple carbs, soy, cutting back on dairy and processed foods. Basically, most of the buffet. The guys at the roast chicken carving station are going to get pretty used to seeing our faces (and us, theirs), but seriously, thank goodness for that station.

We also have a 7 mile run scheduled this week while we try and convince our bodies not to give up completely, that this really is for the best. Maybe the distraction of a long run will be just what the doctor ordered.

Yeah. And maybe I’ll decide at the end of all this that I’d like to give up sugar, caffeine and alcohol for good.

No. I can’t even joke about it. It’s too soon.

This should be our focus.

We’re going to try something different this week. Instead of taking each port as an opportunity to visit our favorite food places, we’re going to try and do something different, possibly active instead.


Here we go!