Settling in…

Well, here we are. Week two on our Alaskan itinerary almost done. It’s time to start making solid plans, setting solid goals and getting settled in.

Setting goals is relatively new to me. Running has been helpful in showing that chipping away in small increments at a larger goal is a) a good thing to do, and b) effective. It’s a philosophy that hasn’t quite manifested itself in the rest of my day-to-day life, so maybe that’s goal number one.

This week, I will work on setting goals.

Set those goals
Set those goals

I had two training runs this week. Considering my time at home was mostly spent cuddling with Scooter on the couch (time which now seems very well invested) and that these were my first runs in a month, I was just glad I didn’t fall off the treadmill. We did a round of Insanity on Monday, which was Insane, and then a conditioning run on Tuesday, which was painful. Nothing like a conditioning run to remind you how out of condition you really are.

We did our “long run” mid-week, since we’re so busy on Saturdays and Sundays, and those 5.5 miles were challenging, but felt a whole lot better than the 2 on Tuesday. I ran them faster than I normally would have, mostly because I felt like I had something to prove to myself. I mean, I just ran a half marathon a month ago – surely I still have some conditioning left in the tank, right?


I mean, I sure hope so. Because I just signed up for THIS:

The Space Coast Half Marathon
The Space Coast Marathon

Oh my. What have I done? I’ve gone from being terrified of ONE marathon, to running TWO marathons a month apart from each other.

So to recap:

Set Goals

Run a LOT.

(I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.)