Goodbye to a Dear Friend

Let me start by saying, I know I’m lucky.

I have a job that I enjoy, I get to do it with my husband, it involves a lot of travel (which I love) and it affords me more than the usual amount of free time, which I’ve learned to use for training vs. watching tv and playing video games. (Confession: I do that, too.)

But, in life, there are sacrifices. And my biggest regret with this job is that it took me away from home, and our dog for extended periods of time.

Scooter always forgave us when we came back home, and when he had cancer, the only way to afford treatment was to work this job, so it was always a bit of a double edged sword that way. Nevertheless, we were happy to do it, and even more happy to smother Scoots with love and attention when we were home.

He had slowed down a lot when we last came home, but he never gave up pulling hard on his leash, always pulling us on a longer walk. Always pulling towards the storefronts he knew put out bowls of cookies.

This week, surrounded by caring veterinary staff, his good pal and sitter, Rob, and the best caregiver to whom we could have trusted him – my sister, Rachael, Scooter stopped pulling.

To say he will be missed is a ridiculous understatement. He had a whole community of “support staff” who loved and cared for him when we couldn’t physically be there, and so there is slight solace in knowing we are not alone in our sadness.

We will miss the silly way he bounded around the house, jaws clenched mischieviously around a glove he knew he wasn’t supposed to have, proud in the game and delighted in his success at making us laugh. He had a sense of humor better than some humans I know.

There will be a sad lack of games of hide and seek.

We will work, obstruction free in the kitchen when making dinner.

We can safely say the word “cookies”.

The King of Snuggie Mountain has gone on to greener pastures.

Long live the King.