Oh, I had so many plans for the three weeks we had at home before we set out on another 4 month contract at sea. So many wonderful, ambitious, social and fun plans.

I was going to fly to Chicago and run a half marathon (accomplished!).

We were going to use our Groupon to play golf in Niagara (accomplished!).

We were going to spend time with family and Scooter (accomplished!).

We were going to see all our friends who we miss dearly.

We were going to get “out” and “do things”.

We were going to eat healthily.

We were going to pick up Insanity where we left off when we disembarked the ship.

We were going to start week one of Jeff Galloway’s Dopey Challenge training the first week of July.

We were going to lose a couple of extra pounds.

Heck, we were going to get haircuts and dry-cleaning done.

Perhaps you noticed, I stopped saying “accomplished” pretty early up on that list. That’s a big disappointment for me. I tend to have trouble with follow-through, and get bogged down in the “why-nots” of any given failed goals. I’m trying to be kinder to myself on these last three weeks, though.

When I got arrived home from Chicago, as I mentioned in my Chicago Women’s Half Marathon race recap, I came home to a very sick little dog. Like, “we might have to make some tough decisions, here” sick. Now, Scooter’s been with me for 12 years. He’s my buddy. And so I spent the last 2 weeks riding the roller-coaster of watching him get very much better and then worse and then better… He’s got a flair for the dramatic.

Scooter's full of trouble.
Scooter’s full of trouble.

This is a dog who has been hit by a car, has eaten a plastic label necessitating surgery to remove it, and has beaten cancer… twice. We have been through a lot together, and that includes Greg and Rachael. We’re all super-invested in Scoot’s well-being.

So when I was miserably watching Scooter’s every move and twitch for the last 2 weeks, that became my full-time job. Everything else stopped. As much as I knew a run would take my mind off it, I just couldn’t force myself out the door. As much as I wanted to see my friends, I knew I would be miserable company.

And so here we are. Flying out tomorrow with dirty clothes to hand over to a dry-cleaner in Chicago and a hope that I can dart-board my way into a decent haircut that fits in with our rehearsal schedule.

Scooter is doing much better than he was, thankfully. He has an appointment with the neurologist on Tuesday to which my long-suffering and patient sister will have to deliver him.

As work breaks go, this one has been shorter, and more stressful than I would have liked. The convenient food choices we’ve made, while not terrible, are taking their toll when coupled with our utter lack of working out.

Let’s just call it a wash and start fresh. Alaska beckons.

On a more positive note, why not check out my sister’s art? Or better yet, commission a piece from her! She does some really fun pet mashups with steampunk themes, or whatever your heart desires! Like, say, Dr. Who?


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