runDisney has an announcement

I know I’m late to the party, but I’ve been bogged down in blog relocating. It was a blog-bog.

But here’s Disney’s great news:

Let’s set aside the fact that it was not the best kept secret in the Wonderful World of Disney, and let’s also ignore the fact that the video seems to be geared at children…

How great is this news? Another race at Disneyland in 2014!

The race will take place January 16 – 19 at Disneyland in California, which puts it hot on the heels of the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend in Orlando.

No word yet of a 10K & Half Marathon Challenge like they’ve offered for the Disneyland Half MarathonWeekend this fall (Dumbo Double Dare) or at the Princess Half Marathon Weekend in February (Glass Slipper Challenge), but knowing runDisney fans, that won’t matter.

Personally, I’m glad to see them offering the 10K distance at more races. It’s a great way to introduce new runners to distance running (and running at Disney) without them having to commit to a half or a full marathon.